Awesome Bar & Cafe is the largest toy-themed cafe in Hong Kong! The cafe focuses on using fresh ingredients and is committed to providing a casual and comfortable dining experience. We specialize in handmade food and have a bakery on-site that offers a variety of freshly baked artisan bread, handmade cakes, handmade pasta, homemade jams, and artisanal coffee. The cafe also serves a variety of Western cuisine and wines to cater to our guests' needs. We have a collection of toys and artworks on display, including over a hundred limited edition Bearbricks. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner for two, a gathering with family and friends, or a corporate event, we can create unforgettable memories for you!


Customer Is
First Priority

Our Story

The owner of Awesome Bar & Cafe is a food enthusiast, as well as a collector of toys and art pieces, spanning the two core industries of creative dining and art business. They are dedicated to creating a fresh approach to life, presenting a multi-sensory experience through visuals, playfulness, and taste. Our mission is to bring art toys closer to everyday life and create an enticing environment for toy collectors and those interested in this realm to interact with each other

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